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You can find a variety of highly experienced Ethical hacking engineers for hire on Hackerslist.us! At Hackerslist.us, you can hire on a freelance, full-time, part-time, or contract-to-hire basis 24/7 anonymously.

About Us

Our team of expert hackers has over 15 years of experience in Ethical Hacking! We provide Bank account Hacking, Fix credit scores and report, full phone monitoring services for situations like suspected cheating, social media hacking, University grade change, website hacking, DMV hacking, Video game hacking, Delete bad reviews and Mugshots.

A professional hacker is far above average for computer hackers. Most hackers like the one your dealing with are nothing more than novices who watched some video on youtube™ on how to hack an email. Unfortunately, these kinds of hacking attacks happen all the time and that is why you should hire a professional hacker. Our hacking services can help recover your passwords and encrypt your data while educating you on how to prevent these kinds of hacking attacks. Professional hackers are the good guys. We will win any battle against any hacker! Stop being hacked! Contact Hackerslist.us now!


Years of Experience
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Hire a hacker from our team of over 15years experience, expert hackers to get professional genuine ethical hacking services with unmatched capabilities.


Our Experience

Our unmatched capabilities in ethical hacking due to high level of experience makes us stand out from other hackers for hire online, since we originate from dark web. 

We are the definition of ethical hacking online due to our high level of hacking expertism from our freelance hackers for hire. So feel free and contact us to connect with dark web hackers for any black hat hacking services. 


Experts in Finance Account Hacking 'Gurus'

Connect with dark web hackers who are experts in bank account hacking and cryptocurrency recovery from fraud. You can hire a hacker to do everything from hijacking a corporate email account to draining millions of dollars from an online bank account. We were involved in MGM hacking.


Pros In Black Hat Hacking

We have been so active in malicious attacks anonymously, hence making our clients millions of dollars as the outcome. Hire a blacker hat hacker for any malicious attacks today. 


Social Media Account Hacking

We can take control of someone’s  online accounts, manipulates what’s posted, or use their personal information for malicious purposes. We have been associated with many famous people social media accounts hacks.


Freelance Hacking

This is when we started hackerslist.us and since then we have been the most reputable freelance hacker for hire company with certified ethical hackers ready to solve your hacking nightmare.

What Our Clients Say

Many clients that hire a hacker at hackerslist.us end up happy since, our ethical hacking services are top notch and unmatched online. We are the most reliable hackers for hire team.

Simply the best hackers online.They are quick and reliable.
Oliver Essa
Very Genuine and trustworthy.
Emma Thelma
They are dedicated in helping the hopeless, thank you for deleting my company's bad reviews.
June Moore
I recommend anyone to try them, they are excellent in what they do.
Rick Enrique